Visualization of uncertain, incomplete, and missing data

Hanna Gaweł

Jagiellonian University

Data visualization and visual analysis are one of the main fields of visualization science. The problem of work and representation of uncertain and incomplete data is the research goal of scientists in many fields, including mathematics. At the same time, the issue of visualizing these data is poorly developed by researchers. The presentation presents three problematic issues that arise from the problem of data presentation: (1) how to visualize uncertain data; (2) the method of visualizing incomplete data; (3) the way to visualize missing data. The main purpose of the presentation is to present a proposal for the visualization in scientific work of uncertain, incomplete, and missing data that should be used in the work of the researcher. The use of the techniques proposed in the speech will allow for the implementation of the full data visualization process, without the need to rely on judgments based on simplified summaries in the form of averages, medians, and extremes – which is quite common in data visualization. The end of the speech discusses the consequences of applying the methods presented in the three above-mentioned cases. The conclusions presented during the presentations are important for both data visualization researchers and researchers from the AI area.

uncertain data, incomplete data, lack of data, visualization, data analysis
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