The concept of an interdisciplinary research area of information architecture

Stanisław Skórka

The aim of the presentation is to outline the research field of information architecture. Having its own object and purpose of research is, according to Jerzy Ratajewski (2002, p. 10), one of the criteria conditioning the functioning of a scientific discipline. Among the methods used to investigate the problems were: literature analysis, qualitative method, case study and comparative analysis. Discussion of the results: the theme of information architecture as a scientific discipline or research field was, among others, taken up by the following authors.Among others, it has been taken up by the following authors: Brian A. de Hubert-Miller (2006), Nathaniel Davis (2010; 2018), Martyn Dade-Robertson (2011), Marcia Bates (2007), D. Grant Campbell (2006; 2007), Andrea Resmini and Luca Rosati (2011), Barbara Sosińska-Kalata (2017). The research problems of information architecture (A.i.) are interdisciplinary and can be divided into two general categories: 1. issues related to information environments in the context of the design and evaluation of their components, 2. issues related to users located in such environments, their information behaviour, needs, interactions and experiences. For example, information ecosystems, particularly their: context, information organisation, structure, navigation, labelling and retrieval systems, could be the subject of research in gr. 1. These will be discussed during the talk. In conclusion, it was noted that the area of research interest of A.i. is related to information in any form considered from the point of view of its design, communication and evaluation.

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