Individual information management by students of Information Technology with Business English (University of Łódź) in the light of their own research

Mariola Antczak, Katarzyna Duda

Due to the various roles and contexts in which a human being performs, one can speak of diversified sets of information and activities that are supposed to help him/her fulfil assigned duties and tasks. Wanting to avoid a situation in which a person is a victim of such phenomena as a flood of information or information overload, he or she begins to use various techniques and tools that allow them to be organised and managed.

The subject of this study was individual information management of students of “Informatology with Business English”, a field of study implemented in the Department of Informatology and Bibliology at the University of Łódź since 2018. The issue of working with information plays a significant role in the daily lives of young people both in terms of professional, educational and private spheres. The set, cognitive aim of the research was realised by analysing the results of quantitative research, obtained by the method of a diagnostic survey. The focus was on diagnosing and characterising students’ information behaviour and the problems they encounter during information management. Among other things, attention was paid to what tools and applications they use to store the information they collect, how they systematise it, how they disseminate it.

Twenty-eight people took part in the survey, representing 97% of the population. This allowed us to conclude with 95% certainty, with a fraction size of 0.5 and a 5% maximum error, that the results obtained are representative of the surveyed population.

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