“Information Architecture” specialisation within the educational programme “Computer Science with Business English” at the University of Łódź in the students’ opinion

Mariola Antczak, Grzegorz Czapnik

The realization of the course “Informatology with Business English” at the University of Lodz started in 2018. Since then, two classes of students have graduated from it. The major includes two specialisations, including “Information Architecture”. In April 2022, the graduating students of the major were asked about their opinion on the subjects taught within its framework, including – the aforementioned specialisation. The form of quantitative research was chosen – a diagnostic survey. The respondents commented on the usefulness of the content of the subjects: 1/ on the labour market; 2/ for scientific work, including: studies and for the preparation of the diploma thesis; 3/ for self-development (increase of general knowledge, development of interests, inspiration, etc.). In the paper the authors will present the results of the analysis of the collected data.

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