Information Architecture as an Academic Discipline

AI versus IA –
Information Architecture in the Age of Algorithms

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of the National Education Commission in Krakow

June 11-12, 2024

AIDA 4 Conference Programme

For the past 8 years, we have been meeting periodically in Krakow, Poland, to engage in scientific discourse in the area of information ecosystem design, from both theoretical and practical perspectives.

The science of information architecture (NAI), as a young scientific discipline, utilizes paradigms and theories of other disciplines including architecture, information science, and social communication and media science in an attempt to study the form of information and the phenomena affecting the effectiveness of information management, as well as the factors affecting how people find information.

In view of the technological changes taking place, especially in the field of artificial intelligence, as well as the rapidly developing UX industry, it is impossible to ignore in this discourse, new elements shaping the research areas, subject matter and methodology of information architecture science. Is information architecture at a crossroads, or on the contrary, will it grow with artificial intelligence? Is the era of humanization or dehumanization of design processes coming? What role does the architect, UX designer, and prompt engineer play in information design today? Is the science of information architecture, as well as academic didactics, keeping up with practice?

Our past AIDA meetings have brought together prominent information architecture researchers and didacticians representing leading academic centers in Poland. We have also hosted practitioners, as AIDA is an excellent forum for discussion and exchange of experiences. We believe that it will be the same this time as well.

We invite you to Krakow, to the University of the National Education Commission, on June 11-12, 2024. This year it is also possible to participate in the conference remotely via the MS Teams platform.

See you in Krakow! This is where talking and debating is the best!

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