Information architecture of air quality information services in Poland

Hanna Gaweł

The paper takes a closer look at the issue of elements of information architecture applied within popular services dedicated to air quality information in Poland (Airly, Air GIOS,, Plume Labs Air Quality Map, Breezometer, European Air Quality Index). The author analyses the layout of the maps and the occurrence of tools filtering the results applied to particular zones of air quality information in particular areas of the country, and examines their variation across platforms. In her conclusions, she attempts to answer the question of the unification of the naming of such elements and the structure of their occurrence (grouping within a service), as well as their impact on the transparency of air quality information messages. He compares the results obtained with international guidelines known as WHO Air Quality Guidelines, EU Ambient Air Quality Directives (AAQDs) and Eionet (European Environment Information and Observation Network) guidelines.

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