Navigation as a research field of information architecture

Stanisław Skórka

The aim of this paper is to conceptualise one of the research areas of the science of information architecture (NAI). Navigation in information environments can be considered in at least two contexts: 1) as a process of discovering a path to the content sought; 2) as an element of a hypertext system composed of links and nodes (pages, subpages). AI deals with navigation in both perspectives from the point of view of the design process and the evaluation of usability and user experience. The aspect of navigation design is very often addressed in publications, including: user interface elements, design guidelines for navigation mechanisms, accessibility, etc. Based on the literature and his own research, the author will seek to answer the following questions: how navigation usability can be studied, whether and which theories are used in designing and studying navigation usability, in what direction navigation systems are developing. The deliberations will result, among other things, in a concept map of navigation research topics within the NAI.

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